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Wendy Walker

Why the Agency

Real Estate with Real Experience

The Agency has offices in some of the world’s most coveted real estate markets,allowing us to serve our clients with a full scope of residential, commercial, luxuryleasing, vacation rental, and new development real estate services. Our establishedposition in prime, first- and second-home markets allows us to better serve ourclients by expanding our reach among high-net-worth buyers. We are also ableto specifically target markets with buyers particularly interested in your location.

Real Estate with Real People

The Agency partners with the best in the business, taking a quality over quantityapproach to building the team. This is how we’ve maintained our boutique feel,even as we’ve continued our global expansion. We work together as a community,constantly sharing resources, contacts, and spheres of influence. Our agents aresupported by dedicated administrative, marketing, and tech teams so they may focuson what they do best—sell real estate. Our agents are also focused on giving backto the communities they call home by dedicating their time and efforts to charitableorganizations and local-based philanthropic initiatives.

Real Estate with Real Numbers

The Agency puts our owned media network to work for the properties and clients werepresent. Through our social media, website, and newsletter platforms, we are ableto offer our clients an unparalleled global reach.

Real Estate with Real Vision

The Agency’s in-house marketing team is made up of designers, copywriters, digitalexperts, and public relations specialists who have branded billions of dollars in realestate. Collaborating closely with the listing agent, the creative team custom tailorsmarketing plans and strategies, dissecting the precise details of a property to makeeach more compelling and relatable.